Desert Island

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Author's notes

Feel free to add new pages, change "red links", correct any mistakes, add new options to existing pages.

However I'd like you to abide a few simple rules:

  • When creating a new page, please, use the "DI" ("D" is for "Desert", "I" for Island) prefix, plus "M" or "F" depending on a gender of the main character. So if you want Jacob to make a shelter format the text like this [[DIM_Make Shelter|Make shelter.]] and if you want Julia to do the same [[DIF_Make Shelter|Make shelter.]]. Text after "|" is used to cover the prefix.
  • Do not change any character, but feel free to add new ones. To do so:
    • Edit the DI_Characters page - use the appropriate template.
    • Add new page to either Jacob's start page, or Julia's start page (Depending on whose the new character is supposed to be for), add some reference to that character on that page and give him/her opportunity to survive the crash.

Keep in mind that pages that do not follow those simple rules will be edited to fit them.

The Story

Finally the sound of the bell echoed through the corridor. You left the school along with everyone else. Last day of school. Nothing feels better than this. Even the air seems different. Now... tomorrow... Oh yes, the day everyone in the family must've been dreaming about. You know you did. Tomorrow, first thing at the morning you meet with everyone at the airport. The trip to Hawaii... Sun, sea, no duties whatsoever... A paradise for three weeks. The only downside was - all the family was going. It was all uncle's Ethan idea... Whatever... you can just avoid them as much as you can.

You didn't even notice when you got back home. Suddenly it just appeared in front of you. As you stepped in you saw your mom in the living room nervously searching for something.
"Hi mom!" she didn't seem to notice you, you came closer "Hi, mom!"
"Hi honey" she was burrowing through one of the suitcases.
"What are you doing?"
"Oh, I was just thinking we should double check if we packed everything..."
"Again?" you interrupted her.
"Yes, again." she gave you The Look "And as it turned out we didn't pack my reading glasses."
"Oh... Have you checked..." you slowly walked into the kitchen "in the kitchen, where you always read?" there they are, you picked them up and hid behind your back.
"Of course! Don't be silly." you showed them to her "Oh..." she sighed with relief "Thank you."
"Mom, don't worry so much. It's we're not going to some desert or something. I'm pretty sure you can buy stuff there." you both smiled.
"I know..." she hugged you "now go to your room pack your bags. We're leaving tomorrow at 5.30 am. You need to be ready."

You went upstairs and tossed your backpack into your room. When you were walking past the hallway you noticed a glimpse of your face in the mirror.

You are:

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