Demonic Will

From Create Your Own Story

Darkness, its not something you see, not something that is felt by any of your sense... yet you know its there... your only companion. Nothing from before can be remembered, you try to reach out, for something, anything but there is only a blankness of what was... was there anything before this... or was this always just... this? Time seems to be nothing here, five minutes, five years for all you know all that you know is there is something growing... a hunger... it swells inside your body aching to be released; you wish to fight back, to do something but you can't feel anything beyond its calling.


The booming voice calls out from the depths, seeming to come from everywhere, even from within your own thoughts. You wish to speak, to respond to the voice but you find yourself with no means to do so, all you can do is listen and hope to hear the only being you have ever heard before.

"Awaken, a body, a life, my strength flows through you."

Sprawled out in the middle of a meadow you awaken slowly with a bright ball of light blasting your face. Shielding yourself from its might you coward behind your closed hands.

"Such pain... such a hunger...."

You speak for the first time with burning hunger within your body seeming to drive you till the point you need to stand. Covered in dirt and a thin layer of goo you stand amongst a sea of tress, a small lake resting within the Earth before you.

Everything feels... strange.... Glancing down you take notice of a strange form you have... colored branches come out from a boxed frame... its soft and squishy to the touch and warm... oh so warm. Shaking legs you stagger over to the lake and fall upon your knees as you look at your reflection for the first time.

Do you:

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