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If you want to EDIT: Please do not edit, but if you’d like I’d love to let you take control of one of a hunter of the Darkness Slayers’ Guild! Just go to the bottom and select (Start Game as Other) to create your own character. I do ask that you leave control of Dallas to me, but your character can come across Dallas in your world!

I’m sorry for mistakes, I proofread as well as I can.


Name: Dallas Jacobs

Sex: Male

Race: Half-human, Caucasian

Age: 24

Occupation: Demon Hunter

Hunter’s Guild: the Darkness Slayers

Special Powers: Your angel blood gives you super human abilities. You have some magical powers, you’re pretty hard to kill, you’re super fast and strong, and you heal pretty fast.

History: Your mother was human; your father was a fallen angel. His blood makes you almost as strong as the demons you hunt. After your mother died you dedicated your life to hunting demons, as well as other evils such as vampires, zombies, and goblins. You were always a bit of a loner because you were so different from everyone else.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Favorite Weapon: Glock 26, silver Claymore

Relationships: Sarah Michaels, ex-girlfriend, Caucasian, long blonde hair, won’t leave you alone. June Robertson, current girlfriend, African American, long dark brown hair, she’s a witch and she wants some space.

You’re a well known hunter. All four guilds (four for each state in the USA) know of you. You can get a job anywhere, but you like it in New Mexico, with the Darkness Slayers’ guild. You have a huge number of kills under your belt, and you’re one of the few hunters that can go up against any demon.

Your life has been as slow as it could possibly be. You never expected this great evil to happen…

Start Game as Dallas

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