Demon College

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This is the average story. The loser boy becomes a popular MAN! and lives in happiness. But then he starts to slack off and eventually becomes a middle-aged lowlife with a beer gut, alone, living in a trailer unemployed. The only popularity you have left is on the internet. Opening you're laptop you see you have 15 more friend requests. One was certainly peculiar, from Mrs. New Life Giver. The description is this:

"Hello Mister, Life has gone too fast for you hasn't it? Well how about you get another chance, in exchange for your humanity. You see lately there have been a number of demons that are too good and want to be human. A certain someone has offered to let them switch places with lowlife humans for free. Now in exchange for ridding you lowlifes from our planet you get to live for eternity. But there's one problem, you need to go through immortal courses. Basically like college all over again, except after you get to live your life. If you accept our offer please click this option right here in blue

Health No horniness Equipment:

A laptop

MP {{{MP}}}
Level 0
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