Demon's Host

From Create Your Own Story

You were born different. Everyone says so. Your parents, the doctors, religious figures, even yourself. No one knows what it is, or why you have it, but it's been with you since you escaped your mothers womb.

A second mouth, protruding between your bellybutton and clitoris. Not like a human mouth, however. It's dark gray, with no lips and four sharp teeth. It's horrifying to you whenever you look at it, and it contrasts horribly with your natural pale skin. They can't operate to remove it, as it would either kill you, paralyze you, or leave you as a vegetable.

Because of this, you are never allowed to leave your home. Which so happens to be in a research facility a half mile beneath the Earth's surface. A place where no one can ridicule or torment you, but a place where you are constantly supervised and tested on. You've often wondered which fate would have been worse, but try to make the most out of you situation.

The doctors act nice to you, but you can tell that they all find you disgusting. They are all females, as no male would come near you with a ten foot pole. You don't know why, but men just seem to repel away from you, where as it's the opposite with women. Even if they don't like you, they are drawn to you.

You favorite doctor is Michelle, as she genuinely seems eager to help you. A beautiful blond, with a perfect body, in her late twenties. She's the only one you can consider a friend, and though she's only been with you for a little over a year, you think you might have stronger feelings for her.

Your heart pounds so hard whenever she's near, that you're almost certain that you love her. Though being a young woman yourself, the lack of any male contact has forced you into taking a liking towards other women.

You're no slouch either. Many of the doctors have said you're the most beautiful woman they've ever seen. Even Michelle says that. With perfectly straight shoulder length dark red hair, looking almost like blood. You have incredible D cup breasts, and your hips are very wide and luscious, giving you a sexy sway whenever you walk. You have no moles, blemishes, scars, or any deformities on your skin. You've never been sick, and you have an unnatural ability to heal very quickly. What would be a horrible gash on you arm, in an hour turns to what looks like a paper cut.

You are now eighteen. Your birthday was just the other day, but as has been the case for the past five years, your parents only mailed your present, as they refuse to visit you anymore. You're positive that they've had another child by now, and have started over. Your younger brother or sister will probably never know of your existence. You're certain that your parents are ashamed of you. It's hard to hold back the tears whenever you think that.

As you step out of the shower, getting ready for another day of tests, you look yourself over. The gray mouth remains closed. You've tried to open it several times, but it simply won't budge. It's teeth are long and sharp fangs. They won't cut you with a mere touch, but they could certainly pierce flesh if they bit down on anything.

Corruption level = 0%

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