Decides to lay down the law(SLBCJames)

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As soon as you were through the bedroom door he spun you around to face him before he pushed you to your knees. His hard black cock was now just above your head and you quickly looked down at the floor.

"Look up at me."

You look up at him and see he his stroking his cock, his hand is moving rapidly up and down his black shaft, when suddenly it erupts shooting his sperm all over your face, it goes everywhere covering your face getting up your nose and in your mouth, his cock starts to go limp and as it does you see his other hand is holding a phone and you realize he must have filmed it all.

"Oh god, no!" You groan.

"Oh yes, this is all I need to keep you in line, now stay there and don't move."

You remain where you are while he leaves the room, he's gone about twenty minutes when he returns he as the clothes he left in the kitchen with him.

"Okay Jenna, I want you to go and get cleaned up that's showered and shaved bare, you have one hour if you're not done I'll upload the contents of my phone to the internet then wait for someone to recognize you."

You get up and rush into the bathroom where you strip down and shower quickly before heading to the vanity table and proceeding to shave your body, you've never been overly hairy, the hair removal device your late wife owned doesn't take to long to remove all the hair on your body leaving you very smooth. You wrap a towel around yourself and exit the room when you return to your room you find it empty but the door to your walk in wardrobe and dressing room is open and you can hear Tyrone inside.

"I've finished Tyrone." You say.

He walks back into the room.

"Okay drop the towel." You unfasten the towel and let it drop, he walks around you inspecting you. "Very good, you can put the towel back on now." You reach down for the towel then slip it around your waist. "Not like that, wear it like a woman would." You adjust the towel so it covers your chest. "Okay follow me."

You follow him into the dressing room you notice straight away, some garbage bags in the centre of the room one looks like it's filled with your underwear.

"What's going on?"

"When I saw you had kept all your wife's old things I decided to take things to another level, I mean you've kept everything lingerie, shoes, make-up, perfume, clothes and even her wigs. It seems a pity to have this and not use it so when from now on the only underwear you'll be wearing is lingerie if there are others about you can wear male clothes over the top, but if its just you alone or with me you dress up in these clothes."

He pauses, you look at him in shock not believing what you are hearing.

"No objections, then I'll continue. Get dressed you have some errands to run, you can wear male clothes but the lingerie is not optional, there's a list over there the sex shop is about an hour's drive from hear so I want you back here by ten."

He lifts up the garbage bags and leaves the room do you?

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