Death Comes Quickly

From Create Your Own Story

You just gaduated from high school ! No small feat, considering your father is a deadbeat, and your mother works two jobs to keep food on the table for you and your brother, Kevin.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are your cousins, Blake and Richard, whose father is a successful entrepreneur. About two months ago your mother suggested it would be fun to stay with him for the summer. Although you know this is really just her saying she doesn't want to deal with you for a while, you can't blame her.

Your cousins eagerly agree to join you, because they have not been home once all through freshman year of college. Unfortunately, Kevin is unable to go, due to issues with summer school.

You arrive at your uncle's fancy-pants mansion. Blake has a key and lets everyone inside. You enter into a eerily quite foyer. Your uncle doesn't appear to be home.

Do you:

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