Days in the Life of Sammy Simm

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You are lying on your bed, reading through an Engineering book.

"Can I come in to talk for a second?"

Julia’s appearance at the door surprises you and, in that moment, the events of the last few weeks flash through your mind:

Your mother died just 2 months ago, leaving you -- the youngest of seven siblings -- alone at the age of 17. You were the surprise baby, born to your parents when they were 45 years old. Your mother had been faithful to your Dad's desire to have you home-schooled, even though he'd died when you were 12, leaving you with a lot of work to do around the South Dakota farm where you grew up.

The result was that you grew up extremely sheltered. The closest sibling to you in terms of age left the house when you were 6 years old and, after your dad died, your mom rarely let you leave the farm. You worked all day, every day, and at night you did your studies. There was no time for socializing. Your mom had seen to it that you kept your distance from girls and she planned to have you marry the Anderson girl in the next county over. Only problem was that you hadn’t seen her since she was 13.

Since you were a minor when your mom died, you went to live with your godparents - Nathan and Grace Gorman - for a few months in Capital City till you turned 18. You'd recently been accepted into engineering school at Capital University on a full ride and you just needed somewhere to live until the semester started. So you spent most of your time helping your godparents around the house.

The Gorman's were nice enough. Nathan was your dad's best buddy from college. He travels for work a lot. When he's home, he loves to spoil Grace, his second wife. She's a petite, energetic Korean-American lady who loves working out and teasing her husband (or pretty much any guy) with her super tight body. And, based on the sounds that come out of their bedroom when Nathan is home, they do love to fuck.

Just two weeks ago you turned 18 and received the shock of your life: You inherited $347,651.39 as your share of the money from the sale of the family farm. Your godparents helped you set up a money market account for most of it. The rest was in an interest-bearing checking account.

Four days ago, Julia (your godfather's daughter from his first marriage) arrived at the house for a visit. She is going to be a senior at Capital University. You haven't seen her since you were maybe 10 or 12 years old. She is now a stunning brunette with gorgeous, pouty lips and a jaw-dropping rack. Her long hair is usually tied in a ponytail, but sometimes she wears it wild and loose. She looks like she could be a Maxim model and she keeps her tight body in amazing shape. She acts like a typical college party girl and you heard she's dating a University football player. You know a bit about her because you can usually overhear her nightly phone conversations through a ventilation duct that runs from her room to yours. Just last night you overheard her talking to one of her girlfriends about you:

"Carrie, I'm telling you he's hot," you heard her say. "Yesterday when he was digging in the garden for my mom, he took his shirt off, and I was like, Oh my God! I'm sorry, but I can't be held responsible for what I do when Jake's not around... That loser is interning at some law firm all the way out in fucking Boston this summer.”

You’ve never heard anyone talk like that about you and you have no idea what college females might think of you. It’s true that your 6-foot-4 frame is muscular and lean from working on the farm all those years. But you don’t know what to expect from girls since you have no experience at all. In fact, you have no idea what to do with a girl, since you’ve never really had the chance to talk about girls with anyone -- even other guys. Your only knowledge about women is from books, magazines, and Internet pictures.

... And so you find yourself lying on your bed in your boxers at 11:30 p.m. on the night before you move into the dormitory ... looking up at Julia's face. She has poked her head into your room after knocking lightly on the door. She asked you something. What was it?

"What?" you say quietly.

"Can I talk to you for a second?" Julia repeats.

Do you:

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