Day In The Life: Vacation!!!

From Create Your Own Story

You're a new comer to this so called.. ahem.. "town".. And you only get to stay for a week.. The worst part is though, you are here to relax. For the average teen, until they become about 21, relaxing means "Socializing" Socializing leads to Friendship.. And if you are only staying for a week, when you leave, how will you ever get to see them again? It was difficult enough to get a week, to live here? Oh, god no.. That'd be impossible! Maybe you don't need to meet a friend, maybe you can decide you don't want to live through that suffering.. Maybe just ONE friend? No, stick to the plan. NO FRIENDS! Understand brain? no~ i don't! be quiet! you! Wait, was I just talking to myself? Whatever. Your name is Annabeth, you're female. DUUHHHH! And you're here to relax. Wait, what if someone talks to ME!? JUST BE QUIET ALREADY!!

Annabeth is walking the hallways of her house, she knows she's going on vacation, she just hasn't packed yet. Her dad stops her in her tracks. "Have you packed yet!?" He roars. "No.. but I will."

What do you pack?

Stuff that I need, I need nothing else.

Stuff that I want, what else would I need?

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