Daughter Wants A Raise

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You are Jason. You are 45 years old. You have short blond hair and blue eyes. You are 6' tall, athletic and have a 7" dick with average girth.

Your wife is Wilma. She is 43 years old. She has long blond hair and blue eyes. She is 5'7" tall, athletic, C cup tits, a firm ass and a tightly trimmed bush.

Your daughter is Nancy. She is 18 years old. She has long blond hair and blue eyes. She is 5'5" tall, athletic, B cup tits, a firm ass and a shaved pussy. She has your wife's hair and eyes, but the other facial features fit you very well. There is no doubt that she is your daughter.

You and your wife could easily pass as brother and sister for as long as the two of you have known each other and that was one of the things that first attracted both of you to each other. Neither of you would admit it to the other at first, but you both had sibling related incest fantasies that were never realized. Once you got up the courage to tell Wilma, she admitted the same and you started role-playing brother and sister. There was nothing hotter for you and your wife than when you pretended to be siblings while you fucked. When it came time to take the blood test required to get married, you both hoped that you were really related in some way. The results were negative, which left you both greatly disappointed.

Your wife got pregnant shortly after the two of you were married and having a daughter made the role-playing even more interesting as your wife started to take on the role of your daughter in the bed. It may have been hot when you were pretending to be siblings, but it became something far better when it changed to father and daughter. As your daughter grew older she started to wear her hair loose and your wife started to keep hers in a tight pony tail. She would let her hair loose at night, just like Nancy, in order to increase the fantasy.

The idea of both of you having your daughter in bed became something of an obsession, but neither of you ever touched her. You made an agreement a long time ago and neither have violated it in any manner. The agreement being that both of you would have her, but you would wait until Nancy provided the right opportunity to slowly bring her over to lusting for both of you. You both want to see desire in her eyes, along with a little guilt and shame.

You and your wife own your own business and work from home selling a wide variety of items, most of which are of the sexual kind. Your wife has posed for pictures for the majority of the items, except the BDSM line. Neither of you want to see your wife in handcuffs or anything along those lines. Wilma always wears a black mask to conceal her identity and neither of you have told your friends and family about that side of the business.

The only items your daughter has ever seen is that of the far more innocent kind. Neither of you have ever so much as told Nancy what the most profitable portion of the business comes from and you know your daughter has to be willing to take part in order to include her. To the best of your knowledge, your daughter believes you sell innocent clothing, as well as a host of other odds and ends. You have been careful not to expose her to the more interesting items of the business. One of the ways you have been successful in this endeavor is to have two warehouses for storage. One that she has seen and one that contains the much more adult related items. You do keep several items in your house, but they are locked away in a few different places. She may be interested in what is hidden, but she is no locksmith.

Nancy has been working for you for many years in some manner or another. You don't pay her much, but she doesn't do much to earn the money you give her. You know she wants to get a raise in order to strike out on her own, but has never asked directly. You and Wilma are planning to use that moment to slowly get her involved with the two of you. You both desperately want incestuous fantasy to become reality and see your daughter slowly change over time. You want your daughter to go from seeing incest as something sickening to something far more positive and want her to desire both you and your wife. You and your wife have wanted to have a threesomes with Nancy and no other woman would ever do. Neither of you are interested in bringing in another woman to help with the fantasy. If a woman is ever to share your bed, than it can only be Nancy.

You are drinking your morning coffee when Nancy walks out of her room and yawns as she says, "Morning."

You nod and say, "Good morning, Nancy." You go back to drinking your coffee and your daughter pours herself a cup. There is something different about her, but you aren't certain what it is.

After taking a sip, she says, "Daddy, I want a raise." Her voice is confident.

You almost spill your coffee as you cough a little. You can't believe the time has finally arrived for you and your wife to start breaking her. You have both been prepared for this moment for many years and know you have to play things just right. You say, "I understand you want a raise, Nancy, but you know I have to talk to your mother about something like that first."

She gives a little smile and you guess it is because you didn't say no. That smile is identical to yours in every way and you hate the idea of waiting to see those lips doing something far different. Telling Nancy you have to talk to her mother was almost as good as saying yes in her mind, since you didn't immediately tell her no. You finish your coffee and head into your office to see your wife.

You close the door and whisper into her ear. "Nancy just asked for a raise."

You know the news is something she has been waiting a long time to hear and you just delivered. You are going to have great sex tonight, since you know she will go all out. You know your 'daughter' is giving up her ass tonight. You don't have anal anywhere near as often as you would like, but there is no refusing tonight.

She whispers back to you, "About time. Let's go out and tell her what she has to do for a raise."

You whisper as you say, "Well, not quite everything she has to do."

Wilma says in a soft voice, "One thing at a time, dear."

She leads the way and you follow closely behind. Your wife looks at Nancy and says, "Your father tells me you want a raise. You barely do what we ask, so why should you get a raise?"

Nancy looks at your wife and says, "I need the money. You don't pay me enough to even think of getting my own place."

Wilma says, "If you really want more money, then you have to take on more responsibility."

You want to add that taking her shirt off would be a good start, but you refrain. The two of you have practiced this and know it has to take time to get what you both want. Patience is the only option and you must have enough control to prevent yourself from doing or saying anything that might arouse suspicion.

You wait for your daughter to respond and know you can't do anything to force her to come to a decision.

Your daughter:

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