Darkened Hope

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Welcome to Darkened Hope. Here you will hopefully find out who you are — or you may not, and live endlessly in despair.

Your health meter tells you your current state of health. If it goes to zero or below, you die.

Your darkness meter is odd — the lower your darkness, the higher your hope. Your hope of happiness and survival. If this goes higher than 20, you may be in serious trouble.

Now, the game:

You are in a cold dark dungeon. You feel like death. You are wearing a sodden rag with a needle in it. Light is let in by a barred skylight, with a rotting wooden ladder leading up to it. You can see a door. You check to see if you have any memories — you have none. You feel that somehow all your hopes and dreams have somehow been darkened.

Darkened Hope
Health 10/25 Equipment:

Sodden Rag, Needle

Darkness 15/25
Level 1
Status Lost Soul
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