Dark Faeries

From Create Your Own Story

It started with a dream.

A dream of silken wings, velvety inky darkness wrapped around you like protection and cage both.

A moment of weightlessness, seeing dawn's clouds racing by you, beneath and around you...

Then your body sensually caressing a feeling of water all around you, your hands stroking against the water, light playing on the skin of your hands from some surface above...

Then a fire roaring, ageless and laughing music played on a fiddle, the sounds of a party and the bright colors of festive silks, a sweet taste of alcohol on your tongue.

It was here you finally began to awake, to realize this was not where you were meant to be, not the world you knew. But despite the clarity slowly rooting, the smell of the fire and sounds of the party did not fade. You find your feet stumbling away from the revelry, and into the quiet of the dark trees surrounding.

Your back is against the bark of an old oak, the smell of pine and night in the air, as you regain your bearings. You are awakening from something... but perhaps this is not a dream after all.

Which kind of woman are you:

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