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height : 6'9" (210cm)

Weight : 202 lbs (92kg)

General Description : Huge pale-skinned guy with short, spiky black hair. blood red eyes. light, well-kept beard. Hard muscles are visible all over his body, yet he's too elegant to be called a muscle-mountain.

Combat Stats

Favorite Weapon : Double Sword(An exotic weapon with a blade on each side. The blades can be separated using them as two one-handed blades as well.), Combat power : 80. (As the heir to the greatest military family of the country, he has received merciless training since childhood, combined with a sharp mind, ambidexterity and his natural talent for swordsmanship, Dareth has never lost a fight.)

Unarmed Combat Power : 42. (He can take out a full platoon of heavily armed and armored soldiers bare-handed without getting a scratch.)

Strength : Very High. (A big guy who was mercilessly trained, he became mercilessly strong.)

Speed : Very High. (He cuts trough enemy ranks like a tornado.)

Endurance : Unmatched. (His training hurt way more than any real fight ever did afterwards, and he's seen some gruesome fights.)

Willpower : Very High. (A natural leader, smart and charismatic. He influences others often but is rarely influenced himself.)

Magical Ability : High. (Tough his natural magical ability is rather low, he has been forced to cast and deflect spells until he became an expert at it.)

Personal Stats

Patience : Unmatched. (He has learned to keep his composure even if the world falls apart around him, or bureaucrats nag him for days, which is equally terrifying.)

Diplomacy : High. (He knows his manners and has a sharp mind, but his warriors' honor prevents him from being too diplomatic.)

Intimidate : Unmatched. (The heir to the country's most powerful military is never taken lightly, especially if he's ridiculously strong by himself too.)

Bluff : Low. (The finer arts of lying pass him by.)

Charm : Very High. (He exudes power and authority, on top of being ruggedly handsome and muscled. many a girl gets wet dreams about him and he happily makes those dreams come true.)

Sneaking : High. (Tough he is a more of a stand-up warrior, the importance of stealth in any battle did not escape him.)

Acrobatics : High. (He can make some complex moves in combat, but he doesn't go jumping from tree-to-tree like a monkey.)

Tool Use : None. (He has subordinates to deal with this crap, any doors that don't want to let him trough had better be quite sturdy, but he is a warrior, not an adventurer, so he doesn't look for traps everytime he rounds a corner..)

Survival : High. (Not his favorite thing to do, but being abandoned in the middle of a large forest and told to find your own way back does teach you to take care of yourself.. if it doesn't kill you first anyway.)

General Personality : He is used to being in charge of soldiers and developed a habit of shouting commands to people who aren't exactly his soldiers, it usually works anyway. He is often seen as cold and hard due to his perfect pokerface, but is really a big softie.

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