Daphne - The Looks

From Create Your Own Story

You are Daphne Blake, a redhead bimbo and massive slut your favorite things are sex, your appearance, and karate. You are an absolute beauty with long red hair and perfect dick sucking lips. Your tits are absolutely massive natural JJ cup tits that your pink top can barely contain, at least you think they are JJ cups still you stopped wearing bras in high school you don't need them. Your waist is a perfect hour glass figure maintained by your karate of which you are a black belt. You have a big bubble butt that sways and jiggles while you walk, and are wearing no underwear which is very obvious from your obscenely short pink skirt. You are sitting in the front of the mystery machine between Fred and Velma, the rumble of the van moving down the road makes your tits jiggle hypnotically. Shaggy and Scooby are sleeping in the back of the van snoring loudly. As you finger your needy pussy with two fingers you stare out and watch the headlights illuminate a dark and empty backroad. You as is your constant state are immensely horny.


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