Daniel's Story

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Your name is Daniel Brooks, an 18 year old senior in high school. Being that you're on the varsity baseball team, you have a well developed, lean body, with a trim, slender waist, built pecs, thighs built for running bases, and a firm, perky ass that is often the target of your teammates hands after a victory on the field. You work hard at the gym for this body, but you also have genetics on your side, namely a thick, 9 inch cock that can shoot fountains.

You're an only child, and being an only child your parents have quite the resources to take care of you. You live in a big house, often alone because of your parents numerous work trips.

You wake up at 8 on a bright Saturday morning, the bright light shining from your window rouses you from your deep sleep. As you slowly get up, you look down and see your throbbing dick straining to peek through your boxers, staining them with your precum. You are horny beyond belief, but you probably shouldn't be making too much noise with your parents still up.

That's when you remember what your parents told you last night. They would be gone on a work trip until at least Wednesday. You are home alone for the next 4 days

The question is - what to do with all that time?

First things first - breakfast time

Jerk off your 9" cock

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