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You had another one of those dreams. The one where one of your family members, sometimes all of them, are doing things to you in a sexual manner. Sometimes your mother forces you to eat her pussy, sometimes it it your brother's dick in your mouth, or some bizarre combination of the two. The only constant in all your dreams is your father fucking your pussy and giving you his cum. You are not embarrassed by the dreams at all. It should bother you, but it actually excites you.

You aren't a virgin, but don't have a boyfriend either. He refused to take the hints that you were giving him and take control. You don't want to be asked about sex, you want to be told. Mostly, you want your father to tell you that he is going to fuck you. You want to feel his cum inside of you. You are not about to let anyone else put the dick in your pussy unless it belongs to your father. You have no idea how it will happen, but will find a way. You want to tell him, but cannot bring yourself to say anything to him, or anyone for that matter.

Your parents are gone for the day and you are left at home with your brother. This doesn't bother you one bit, since you both get along. Besides, there is a better chance at him 'accidentally' seeing you in some state of undress. You noticed his eyes on your body quite some time ago and ever since then found several means of letting him see something. You know he has come close several times, but never got lucky enough to see everything. You know all he needs to do is ask, or better yet just tell you, but he won't. Just like you won't say anything to him.

You are both watching a movie when the power goes out. You are expecting it to come back on quickly, but it fails to do so. Fortunately, it is sunny out so you don't have to worry about candles or flashlights. Your look at your brother and say, "I'm bored. Let's play a game."

He nods and asks, "What game?"

You want to say whatever game puts you in control of me, which causes you to smile. Instead you say, "Uno." You know he hates that game.

He shakes his head and says, "No. It is not fun with just two people. How about the dare game?"

You have no idea where the idea came from and find it very exciting. You hide your excitement and pretend to have no idea what the dare game is. You ask a question you already no the answer to. "What's the dare game?"

She looks a little lost, then asks, "What's the dare game?"

He smiles and says, "It's like truth or dare, without the truth part. Anything goes and we cannot back out of any dare. Finally, what happens during the game stays between us."

She pretend to be nervous to hide your excitement and want to say yes quickly. The problem is you are worried about coming across too eager. He waits patiently for your answer and you are truly caught between acceptance and refusal. If you refuse, there is a chance he will demand you play with him. You wish he would demand you do something, or at least tell you straight out. The only thing you will not do is give him your pussy. That belongs to your father, even if he doesn't know it yet.

Do you:

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