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Susan says, "I dare you to lick my asshole."

You smile and wait while she gets into position and then allow your tongue to feel the ridges of her asshole. The taste is slightly bitter, but you don't mind one bit. As you slowly circle the hole she moans softly from the pleasure you are giving her. You run your tongue over the hole and put a little bit of pressure, which causes her to moan even louder.

You had been playing the dare game with your wife for a while and knew Susan would never back down as you prepare to take it to a hole new level. You finish licking her asshole and decide to play the hand you have been planning for quite some time. Fantasizing about fucking your daughter was no longer enough and you just had to have her. The idea of fucking any 14 year old girl was a turn on, but fucking your 14 year old daughter would do nothing except add to the excitement.

If all went well you would not only get to fuck your daughter's pussy, but your wife would get fucked by your son. It was the best way you have thought of to turn incestuous fantasies into reality. If she agrees to your dare, you will both get something good out of the deal and you desperately want her to go for it.

Susan looks at you and prepares for whatever dare your mind can come up with. She is not nervous at all and you have never known her to hesitate. However, you have never included anyone else in any of your dares to her before, especially not your children. You muster up the courage and say, "I dare you to have a contest with me."

She looks a little concerned, since she knows you have interesting ideas for contests. She has a slight smile as she asks, "What kind of contest?"

You smile back as you say, "Simple. You convince David to fuck you, while I convince Patricia to fuck me. First to fuck wins."

She is completely taken back by what you just said. For a moment she is silent as the words turn over and over in her mind. You want to say something, but know you have to wait. Finally, she says, "You can't possibly mean what you just said. How could you want to actually fuck our own children? Role playing is one thing, but this is ridiculous."

You nod and say in a serious voice, "It isn't ridiculous at all. We have both fantasized about them for years. Why not make the fantasies a reality?"

She is momentarily at a loss for words, before finding her voice. "This is wrong in so many ways." She shakes her head, but you can tell she is considering taking you up on your dare.

You smile and say, "Think of it as an educational experience for them. We can teach them about sex in a way that no one else ever could. Besides, you know you have to accept the dare." You can see a smile creep across her face and you know she is close to accepting, so you quickly add, "Besides, it's a chance for you to get a 16 year old to fuck you. You know you want to get a good fucking by David."

Her smile widens and says, "Of course I want a good fucking by him, and you just want to fuck some 14 year old pussy."

You smile in complete agreement as you say, "Not just some 14 year old pussy, but Patricia's 14 year old pussy." As your wife gives a little laugh you ask, "Do you accept the dare?"

Does she:

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