DBA / Blast him with his old attack

From Create Your Own Story

You attack him with the Tauzer Ball! As you charge it, it turns a cool yellow, rather than it's normal hue.

"You learned my attack?! What else can you demon Super Saiyans do?! Thanks to your new form, you use the ascended Tauzer Ball for 45 damage!

The ball hits Trou, and he narrowly survives it.

Take this maggot! Sun beeeaaam!

He makes a ki blast with energy coming directly from the sun!

You deflect it back for 100 damage!

Trou screams, "I lose to a MAGGGGOOT?!" and dies!


The alien walks out of the wreckage of your house, clapping.

Hm. You killed Trou... A super saiyan, no less. But don't worry. I'LL clean up this mess!"


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