DBA/ unleash your rage

From Create Your Own Story

You scream and unleash your aura. A golden energy surrounds you. If you weren't so angry, you'd probably be terrified.

Suddenly, Trou's eyes widen and he falls to his knees in fear.

"He...His..."HIS HAIR!"" He screams.

You walk off to a nearby mirror to see what's up while you hear Trou's scouter scanning you.

You look in the mirror..Your hair is gold!

Trou yells out and charges at you, knocking you straight through the wall!

The battle begins outside!

DBA/ battle time

Equipment=Bo Staff, Mako Soup (3), Saiyan Power Capsule, clothes, scouter Status: Gold Form HP: 35-->150 Ki: 10-->500 Level: 5 Power Level: 40-->1500


Weak Ki Blast: 2 Ki Demon Fang: 2 Ki Tauzer Ball: 20 Ki

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