DBA/ Tell Master Gori to stay back, then run in the village

From Create Your Own Story

You brazenly run ahead as Gori yells after you.

You reach the village. It is being burned to the ground! You see bandits killing and raping as they please, and you even see a man being eaten alive.

You scream with tears in your eyes. However, almost the whole village is yelling, so the bandits don't notice you.

Do you..

DBA/ Run back to Gori

DBA/ Run to your old house

Equipment=Bo Staff, Mako Soup (3), Saiyan Power Capsule, clothes, scouter Status: HP: 35 Ki: 10 Level: 5 Power Level: 40 Skills: Weak Ki Blast: 2 Ki Demon Fang: 2 Ki Tauzer Ball: 20 Ki

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