DBA/ Pass out.

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You wake up in a building.

Wait, I'm alive? Is your first thought.

You get up off the bed you were lying on. You see your shirt is removed and replaced with bandages. Other than that you're fine. You feel great; You must have been fed a Saiyan Power Capsule.

Suddenly, the door opens. You feel the same energy as the man who killed the bandit.

"Hello. I am the Elder of this land." His voice booms.

It is a tall, older man, likely in his 90s. Due to saiyan genetics, though, he is about 40 in human age.

"You must be the boy whom has come to receive his ability? Correct? Here. Let me place my hand on your head, unlock your potential."

He puts a cold hand on your head. A blue aura circles his hand. After a minute, his eyes open wide.

"My boy. You have a powerful ability...It is unique. Mostly, abilites are genetic. Shared in a tribe. Even about 30% of the planet shares a singular ability. But you have a unique one. I will call it the..."

Equipment=Bo Staff, Mako Soup (3), Saiyan Power Capsule, clothes, scouter


HP: 15

Ki: 2

Level: 2

Power Level: 15

Skills Weak Ki Blast: 2 Ki

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