DBA/ Demon Fang

From Create Your Own Story

"Ah, the 'Demon Fang' attack. I deduce it allows you to turn your right arm into the arm of a demon from hell, making it much stronger temporarily. In addition, it seems to increase your power while used."

"It also seem you somehow adapted that bandit's attack...the Tauzer Ball...for your own use. But now, it's far to powerful for your use."

I've also unlocked you potential, increasing your power.

"Now, you will live in the woods along with me for the next 10 years. You will learn to fight, and you will grow strong."

Equipment=Bo Staff, Mako Soup (3), Saiyan Power Capsule, clothes, scouter


HP: 15

Ki: 2

Level: 2

Power Level: 15

Skills Weak Ki Blast: 2 Ki Demon Fang: 2 Ki Tauzer Ball: 20 Ki

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