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Hello and welcome to Cute Smutty Yuri Fluff. I know that you're likely quite eager to start reading the story, but there are a few things you need to know before you get started.

Before you read

  • This is a lesbian story. If this sort of thing upsets you, leave now. Things like Futanari or anything that resembles a male's genitalia will not be included. It's purely Girl x Girl. Reading other lesbian stories on this site, I have always been disgusted when a boy randomly is inserted into the story for the supposed 'lesbians' to fuck. Things like dildos, strap-ons and futanari will not be used, as they are written by at straight/bisexual males who just don't know how to write a lesbian sex scene, as a same-sex attracted female, I do not want any of this.
  • The story is a slow burn. Sex does not happen immediately. It takes time, as the characters have to fall in love first. Most of it starts out rather cute and SFW.

Backstory on the World

  • The world is set in an Early 2000s time period.
  • Absolutely every human, with no exceptions can use one of 6 times of magic. (Fire, ice, wind, thunder, earth and water)

Info for editors

The story has been planned out before it has been written. Please, do not add any pages to the story. You may edit the story, although this is only to correct any possible grammar mistakes. Australian English has been used, so keep that in mind.

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