Cute Alayne

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This is the story of Alayne, a very cute and beautiful highschool senior.

She had a very sheltered life, and as a result she's very shy (but not so so innocent, though). Since she found out about sex on the web, she's been dreaming of "exploring new things".

And with her family moving to a new town this year, maybe she'll accomplish it...

Will she do it... by herself?

Or will someone else "meddle"?

Which character will you follow? (See a list of all the story characters)

  • Alayne (the shy but not-so-innocent schoolgirl)
  • Fred (her younger brother)
  • Daisy (her older sister)
  • Rob (her older brother)
  • Jack (her best friend since childhood)
  • Mark (the jock)
  • Jackie (the cheerleader, Mark's girlfriend)
  • Dave (the Gym teacher)
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