From Create Your Own Story

As you are standing there cuddling next to the leg of your mother, the white man approaches another family and then a bunch more of the same colored men come and take that family. As what seems to be the leader of all these men, comes and walks towards you your mother and your brother. You are scared to death and your brother is fast asleep. You look at your mother, and with all her attempts to look strong in front of her children she has the great look of fear on her face as well. To relax you your mother hands you your favorite toy, your bongo. This calms you down a lot and completely gets your mind distracted from the big scary man walking towards you, your mother, and your sleeping brother. The white man finally comes face to face with your family and he looks closely at you and your mother. He looks like he is thinking and examining you like he had higher authority than your family. He then yells a loud word that seemed to be a command. Then a whole group of these scary men walk over to you and take your mother and your still sleeping brother.

Follow Your Mother and Brother

Keep Playing With Your Bongo

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