Curvy latin tranny

From Create Your Own Story

Mmm, spicy. You have a thing for latina girls, and you figure it's probably the same with a shemale, right? If you're going to try this out, that's the woman you want to take your shemale cherry. You contact her about date, time, and other details. Everything goes more smoothly than you expected, and soon you are nervously answering the door. "Hola!" she says cheekily, bouncing just a little on the doorstep.

"Hey, welcome." you reply, a little awkwardly, then invite her into the house. As she enters your house, you take a moment to appreciate her. She's about 5'4, and curvier than almost any biological girl you've ever seen. Her nice, thick ass is emphasized by the tight shorts she has on, as are her thick, light brown thighs. She has a designer tank top on that reveals the dangerous curves of her midriff, her navel piercing, and a generous portion of her cleavage. She's stacked, probably about 32D, which is enormous on her small frame.

"I'm Valeria, obviously," she tells you, and you note her slight Spanish accent. "Like what you see?"

She's forward...

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