Curse of the Royals

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This story is currently being established; as soon as it is you will be free to edit.

The idea for Curse of the Royals is very influenced by some other stories on this site about similar things. Just wanted to acknowledge that first and foremost, though as it is written it may end up being very different. Who knows? Not even I do at this point.

So far the idea consists of this:

You are a young male (although if anyone should desire to add a female branch they are completely free to do so, provided it exists in the same realm as the male, though I otherwise currently have no stipulations besides good content).

You are a prince (sound familiar?). Your nation is a large and wealthy one, with an equally prosperous capital, in which you were raised. The only remaining members of your line are you and your father, a frail and elderly man dying of the curse upon your family. Though he is too weak to survive, there is yet hope for you to find a cure for this curse to save yourself.

There are various versions of the story of this curse which have been passed down to you, and only you (for what rebellion might there be if anyone knew of it?) from your father. In some, your family was cursed by witches, in others, by the gods, and in other yet still by the ghosts of other kings killed so that you might have their lands. In any case, these events have taken place so long ago that there is no way to verify the truth without searching for it outside the capital and perhaps even outside the kingdom.

The curse has whittled down your large and mighty family over the generations, and left your father alone. It will weaken you with age as it has him, but as you are yet young, barely a man (but fully one) you have a few years, perhaps, before it even takes hold at all. It is in this time, that your father, as his dying command, has tasked you with curing yourself so that the line will not die out with you. In the mean time he is still alive, and continues to hold the kingdom together with his strong will.

I may add to this idea as I write, and will keep a shortened version here so that I can organize my thoughts, as well as provide the material for any other potential contributors.

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