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Note: Please do not touch the pages I've done, or other people have done. Currently I am only working on the mom route (main story). Any unfinished choices in that route are fair game, as well as starting the sister route. I suggest you go through whats finished of the main route before adding anything, so you get familiar with the tone and rhythm of the story. Have Fun

Hi! My name is Chris I am _____ years old ;). I am the youngest of the family, I am prone to excessive masturbation, I am a complete nerd, I’ve never had a girlfriend, and all my family members are incredibly hot. Whats a boy to do?

You walk into your living room to see your Mom 36 sitting next to your Dad 42 on the couch. Your Sister 18 does her nails on the floor. Your Brother 25 is in the kitchen doing the dishes.

Do you:

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