Critical Control

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My first story... Inspired by many movies and stories from this CYOA wiki. Please Do not Edit. There are secret links in some pages, that take you through radical and often dramatic routes of the story. These paths cannot be reached through any other paths. Now onto the story.

You wake up as if from a year long sleep. It takes a few minutes before you can adjust to your surroundings... you find a person beside you, a woman. You are both sitting and... your mind feels blank. Wait... it is blank, You can't think of a proper way to communicate... You don't remember words. As You struggle your frustration starts to elevate... and a sharp pain inside your head, like your brain is being spliced as is... for a moment you feel as if you are at a million places at once... hearing, feeling and doing a million things. You begin to scream and try to rip your hair off...

After a while the pain subsides and you suddenly grow tired and are drenched in sweat. You lazily rest your head against glass. As your senses adjust you hear "Are you okay, Honey?... What happened?", it was the woman you saw... You slowly realize that you have a vocabulary... and your mind doesn't feel as blank. "Please...", she continues with tears running down her cheeks "stop ignoring me... I'm your mother for God's sake."

You take a moment too long before you respond, "Mom, I'm not in pain."

She looks surprised, and very happy... way too happy for just a few words. She wipes her tears and laughs discontinuously. You note her actions very deeply. She takes a moment to collect herself and says, "I'm happy. It's been so long since you spoke to me"

You keep observing her a little longer and conclude...

... "I don't know her."

So now you should...

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