Creating Chaos

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You are an eternal spirit, called Zebode, whose sole purpose is not create chaos. Years ago the gods caught you and locked you away, restraining your chaotic powers. They locked you away in a cell, leaving you trapped in your physical form, which was a featureless body. You didn't blame them much, but making chaos was something you had to do, as much as humans must breath. After hundreds of years without any contact, you were startled to hear the door to your cell opening. You were equally surprised to see Rechna, Arana, and Kazar, the head gods, in your doorway.

"What do you want?" you voice says, barely more than a shimmer in the air.

"Zebode, we need your talents." Rechna says.

"Why? You know my powers get out of control."

"Exactly, that's why we need them," Arana replied.

"What has happened that calls for my chaos?"

"Humans are turning their backs on us gods." Kazar simply stated.

"So? Millions, no billions, of humans are always not believing in gods. What's new?"

"No, not, not believing in us. These humans believe, but they feel that they can handle their own problems and re now outright criticizing and insulting all gods."

"And where do I come in exactly?"

Kazar chuckled. "Interesting phrase of words, because that's exactly what we want you to do, cum in. The town of Coastline has completely lost all love for gods, most people outright disliking them. So we want you to possess some members of the community and well, fuck them up. We know that's your favorite form of chaos, so now we're supporting you. Maybe once people see all the chaos they'll realize that they need us. Of course, you'd get to be free and do what you please to any person in Coastline. We've chosen some suitable host families for you to possess. As it happens Coastline is a very popular city so you may expect a few famous people to show up. So, what do you say?"

"Anything is better than in here, sure." And with that the gods unbound your shackles and your dissipated, looking for a host.

The gods seemed to have left some physic link because you get thoughts about families that are primed for chaos.

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