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"Creating a category is a bit of a bother, but it must be done, and it's not difficult if you know how to do it. Since you have already created the categories on all of your story pages by putting in [[Category:Your story name here]], you can click on the red category link and add this text:"

An index of the pages in the story ''[[Your story name here]]''.

Or, to type it more simply, you can just type "{{a}} [[Your story name here]]". It will automatically put in the words "An index of the pages in the story".

"The rest of the page will be automatically created for you."

"It's also possible to create subcategories. Suppose your story contains characters and you want to describe them on pages of their own. You can put those pages in the category 'Story Characters'. Then when you create the category page, input:

An index of the characters in the story ''[[Your story name here]]''. [[Category: Story Name]]

"Now the category 'Story Characters' will be a subcategory of 'Story Name'.

"What would you like to learn now?"

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