Country Girl

From Create Your Own Story

It all started the day your stepdad bought you a tank top. Your stepdad was really strict, and, even though you were outside working hard on the farm all day everyday, he would only let you wear long-sleeved shirts and jeans. You'd been complaining about how hot the shirts were for a while, and for your 17th birthday your stepdad bought you two tank tops, a white one and a gray one.

You stopped wearing the long-sleeved shirts and just wore the tank tops from then on. They barely made it down to your jeans and showed off your large breasts nicely. With shoulder-length, curly brown hair and brown eyes, you look like a supermodel. The looks you have are the legacy of your mom.

A couple of weeks later, you were out driving the tractor, as usual, when the tractor died. You got down and poked around until you fixed it, but in the process you ruined your new gray tank top and your jeans. That night you showed your stepdad the ruined clothes. "Well, I guess we can buy you some new jeans, but we're not buying you a new shirt. We just bought you that one."

Out If nowhere you had an idea. "I'd hate for you to have to waste money on new jeans, and it is pretty hot driving that tractor. Why don't I just get some scissors and make these jeans into shorts?" You knew your stepdad thought shorts were immodest, but he'd somehow agreed to buy you tank tops...

He muttered to himself and mulled it over for a few minutes. Finally, he agreed: "Okay. You can make them into shorts, but only for driving the tractor. I don't want you to get the idea that you can wear shorts in public or anything."

You were so excited you didn't even thank him or mention that you are never in public because you are always stuck on the farm, just with him.

You took the jeans upstairs and cut the shortest shorts you could. The pockets stuck out from beneath the shorts because they were so short.

From then on, you wore those cut-off shorts and the white tank top every day. You'd even wash them at night when they were dirty so you could wear them the next day.

What next?

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