Corruption of Princesses

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Welcome to Corruption of Princesses. Each character belong to their existing copyrights and are used here as parody. All story depicted here takes place in alternate timelines or continuations and assumes every one of these characters have grown older(Age legal). Anyone depicting underages character will have their page promptly deleted with no warning. THIS is your warning. Feel free to add more characters.

Welcome to Corruption of Princesses ! In this story, you will follow one of the following princesses through their in their respective universes and affect the outcome of various encounters. Think of yourself as a spirit of fate or a succubus acting in the shadow. You can affect elements of the story such as character reactions or environnement to further sends the main character into deeper states of depravity.

Choose a characters :

  • Corruption of Princesses/Jasmine The princess of Agraba. This story happens after the events of the movie as the princess has grown and takes her rule over the city.
  • Corruption of Princesses/Ariel The princess of Atlantis. This story assumes assumes the 2nd movie never happened and the princess has grown to maturity in the kingdom.
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