From Create Your Own Story

You are the COO of a travel agency that's relatively small - for a pretty good reason. In reality, it's a front for human trafficking and prostitution. Sometimes it's a nubile college dropout using leftover student loan money to "discover" herself. In some cases, it's a recently divorced housewife with a generous settlement spending it on forgetting - or in vengeance. You fulfill their wishes, and send them to some exotic getaway anywhere between between Brazil and Cambodia - the long way. The catch is that they rarely return and if they do, it's under your forceful employ - not that your company has a difficult time employing hard-up college students as willing escorts as a side business...

Still, it's a pretty dull job. American targets are few and far between, so you make most of your illicit lucre through tributes paid for acting as a networking hub for foreign traffickers. Basically, your company is the record-keeper for an industry that's inescapably off-the-record. Otherwise, your company is busy doing its actual, legal job.

That's the case now. Instead of poon and cash, your desk is piled with paperwork, your answering machine's notification light is blinking incessantly, and your email inbox is dangerously low on free space. It's around 9:30 a.m. Where to start?

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