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You sit down next to Jacob, with Markus sitting across from you. The conversation pauses briefly when you sit down, but since you make no comment it quickly resumes. The troops are mostly talking about the latest news that Trump was making a push for California.

"It'll never work," Kayla argued, "San Diego is locked up tight."

"Yeah, it's impenetrable," Hank added, "Kinda like Julia." A roar of laughter follows, at poor Julia's expense. The shy British girl blushes at the comments, clearly not enjoying the joke. You decide to let the first joke slide.

"But if he does take it," Markus countered, "Then the West coast is gone. And we need that trade with China."

"Your assuming the fuckers can actually take San Diego!" Kayla laughed, "Have you seen the bitch! Mexico to the South, Mountains, multiple air bases. There's no way."

"Hey," Hank said, leaning back, "All I'm saying is if they are attacking San Diego, then they're not fucking with Virginia. And that's less bullets up our asses!" The men cheered at that, raising their glasses. You even raise yours, as your also glad Virginia isn't the focus of Trump's military.

"And another thing," Hank continues, "If the GPD thinks..." As Hank was talking, Julia, who had finished her breakfast, had stood up and tried to leave. Hank, always the comedian, turned and stared right at her ass. "Sorry boys, lost my train of thought."

The men again began laughing at Julia. Her cheeks turned red from embarrassment. She looks over at you, hoping you'll intervene.

Do you?

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