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"Neria, don't be silly. You'd never do that," says the green-clad girl, while still casually approaching.

You can see the rage pouring out of Neria's eyes now. "Just because I'm small doesn't mean you can take me lightly. Jaks, you're not even paying attention to me!"

Neria cups both her hands in front of her chest and a blue ball of fire appears. It grows larger and larger and engulfs the girl entirely. When the flame clears you see a scaly figure with Neria's hair but none of her clothes. Shimmering blue eyes, massive fangs, bulging limbs with razor claws, and an impressive tail. You can't help but notice her perky nipples and pink slit among the scales.

"I've decided to eat you both myself instead," Neria says as she runs a forked tongue around her jagged mouth.


Health Horny Location:

The Game

MP 0
Level 1
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