Continue as Predator

From Create Your Own Story

You groan and rub your balls as you feel your last prey dissolve before laying back and enjoying the feeling of cumming twice while still having a full nut sack. You know the potion you took makes you feel the intense orgasm of your victim without actually cumming yourself, but you are surprised every time you feel that rush without having jizz covering your entire body. You look down at your ridiculously large balls and try to decide what to do next. You look round to see the bartender still pummeling away at his helpless victim. You could join them, but there is also the guy abusing the other guy's throat. Another guy just walked in as well, but he is simply sitting in a corner jacking off at the lewd scenes in front of him.

Go to the bartender

Go to the oral man

Go to the guy masturbating

take care of it yourself

Vore all of them(Warning CV)

Vore one of them

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