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I run over to him and hug him, "That was so awesome," I yell. The others, Lola and Cain, had joined us.

Lola was the sweetest out of all of us, it was actually hard to believe she was a daughter of Lucifer, what with her amazing healing abilities and loving personality, but she is part fairy. Her brown hair was unbelievably long and wavy and only made her bright green eyes pop out among her tan skin even more. Luckily for her, her wings came and went as she pleased.

Cain's hair was blue on top and and was swept over to the side but was never laying down on his head otherwise it was cover his darker and shorter hair on the side. He had blue horn gauges in both ears, a metal ball piercing below his lip and tribal tattoos going down his neck to to his shoulders and part way down his chest and a few more going from his below his elbows to his wrists. The tattoos and piercings were to tell the elf clan his rank in society, which was the bottom- lowest of the low. His long pointy ears were fun to look at but his dull red eyes always scared me or at least when he had a blank expression. Despite his crude and mean appearance he was actually a really shy teenage boy at heart, he was the youngest of us and our forge, he loved magical items and loved creating them even more.

They both hugged him and shouted about how awesome that kill was they praised me for finding his weak spot. I smiled and accepted their cheer, "Thanks," we both said simultaneously. Behind us the purified water had begun to burn away the fur.


   Rush over to collect your Hammer
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