Comply with him(SLBCJames)

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You don't see any point in arguing with him and head up stairs, you quickly change into the lingerie and heels and put on some make-up and go back down to the kitchen and find him sat behind the kitchen counter patiently waiting he's thumbing through his phone with one hand while holding your own home phone in his other as you walk in he holds out your phone to you before speaking.

"Listen carefully, as you know I have that DUI and my parents told me any more trouble they'd throw me out and I have a curfew. I've got a busy weekend planned and I've already told my folks I'm spending it here all you need to do is call and confirm it."

You take the phone off of him and make the call you don't know what he's up to and you don't care you just want to make the call and get him out of here. The call takes no time but you feel a little guilty as you lie to his mom about where he will be. "Okay it's done, are you going to tell me where you're going to be just in case she calls and asks to speak to you?"

"Sure, I'll be right here."

"What, you said you had a busy weekend planned."

"But I do, I plan to see how many times I can nut in that pretty little mouth and that tight little ass of yours." He says as he stands up and walks around the counter revealing his now naked body, you turn and think to run but before you've had the chance he grabs you and pulls you into his arms. "Don't try to run." He says as you feel his hard cock rubbing at your back. "We both know this can only end one way with you taking my cock in your mouth and ass now it can be extremely painful for you or we can do it the nice way, I would prefer it the nice way but as you can probably feel my cock pressed against your body you should know I want your cute little ass."

He lets go of you and you can still feel his cock pulsing against your skin and you step away from it there's no way your going to outrun him or overpower him but you could try.

Do you?

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