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Iremia is an old world, with a long history of troubles.

Across the world, through the lush forests and arid deserts, innumerable factions and races fight for supremacy. Ever since the dawn of time, peace has been a goal that seemed realistic only to fools. War has never had a beginning nor will it ever have an end in Iremia, for war is all that those in Iremia know, and their lives are shaped by it.

But this is not your story. No, your story is more than petty squabbles over territory and waging war for the sake of 'honour', your story is of a more noble goal, a quest, if you will.

It's rather simple really.

You were contracted by a wealthy merchant to seek down a lost artefact, one which he said, 'Holds great power.' That means little to you, as it is the reward you are after.

But before we jump into the story, who are you?

  • Sumiko - A nimble and cunning young girl from the Feline-tribes that inhabit the dense forests of Iremia. Skilled with a bow, and equally as skilled with words and other forms of 'persuasion'.
  • Thoros - A stocky and imposing man of his late twenties, from the rather uncivilized clans that inhabit the harsh ice-lands and tundras of Iremia. Tends to prefer to settle disputes through sheer brute-force as opposed to more subtle tactics.
  • Kyo - A slender young-adult male with a slight tinge of femininity to his figure, hailing one of the many large merchant settlements in Iremia. A good rhetorician, and equally as shrewd with coins.
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