Coming Out

From Create Your Own Story

You're at the bar - tired and feeling a little bit defeated. The woman you entered the lounge with is at a booth on the other side of the room, stirring her drink and eyeing you from afar. She smiles at you once she realizes you're looking back. This wasn't supposed to be so hard. You were just going to have a drink. It was supposed to be that simple - but Maxwell, your god forsaken roommate, decided he was going to try and hook you up with a friend of his.

It was even more awkward because you knew Janet. The two of you took some classes in college together. She was a little bit older than you (maybe a year or two) but nothing out the ordinary. You liked her. She was fun to hang out with in the past. You were so going to kick Max's ass if you made it out of this night alive. Her eyes kee staring, sparkling in delight, and you know tonight will end up like all the rest of those matchmaker disasters.

"Kid, you alright? You were in the bathroom for some time. Sit down, I got you a nice cold drink," she winked your way, pushing back her black locks of hair from her face.

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