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Ivy was sick of being treated as a second class criminal. Batman was always worried about Joker, or Bane, or even Scarecrow, yet here she sat, ignored until she acted. And then she was super easy to defeat. Her only power was to grow plants, which can only be so useful. Well, there was also the pheromone thing, but ever since Bats became immune that was useless. Or was it? Ivy felt a wicked idea pop into her head. Batman may be immune to one dose, but a continual blast? It might work. If she could put him out of business for a while, she'd have time to take over Gotham. But, there was also the problem of the other heroes around the world. Someone would notice and come bother her. She needed a plan...


Ivy's plans were finally complete. She had kidnapped Red Tornado and now was with him in her newly "borrowed" blimp over Gotham. It took a while to get Red, but she eventually did. Then it was just a simple matter of reprogramming him to do a few simple commands. Opening his newly installed Spreader, Ivy blew a load of pheromones into the capsule. The pheromones were new too. These would last for two months, but their affect was much weaker and a little different. Normally it would make anyone do whatever Ivy said because they were so in love. Now it would make people horny instead of in love, and not only to Ivy, but to anyone of the opposite sex. She didn't want people bothering her too much. It wouldn't make a person sex-crazed, but it would still make everyone on the continent very horny. And how would she cover the continent? Well that's what Red was for. Using his new features he could create a wind storm that would carry the pheromones across North America in a minute. Anyone on the continent at that time or anyone to enter it would be immediately affected. With that Ivy activated Red and the chaos began.


Ivy was going to jail. Her master plan had almost worked. On the day before the pheromones wore off she went to send out another storm but found a surprise waiting on the blimp for her. Batman and Superman. Apparently they had partially overcome the affects of the pheromones and had come to stop her. They quickly overpowered her, but that wasn't the end. The pheromones still had some control and sexy Ivy vulnerable was too much. So after they ripped the skimpy leaves she wore as clothes off, Ivy laid there for hours while the Dark Knight and Superman pounded every hole in her body that they fit into. So cum covered and sore, Ivy was riding to prison. But there was some definite damage caused. Girls everywhere were pregnant with neighbors, friends, relatives, even strangers kids. Gotham was completely covered in plants and it would take weeks to clear it out. And on top of it all, the effects hadn't fully worn off for everyone. The strong had quickly returned to normal, but many would still be affected for weeks to come. Yes, even though the pheromones were gone, much had happened.

While all this was happening heroes over the continent were affected...


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