College Wars

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“…And now our honor student will give us the final speech.”

The honor student grabbed her wrists tightly.I can do this. Just don’t fall and don’t stutter. Thought the honor student. As she walked towards the microphone she whipped her brown collarbone length over her shoulder.

“Now listen to our honor student, Katie Irenis.” The crowd of parents applauded. Katie cleared her throat and spoke:

“Fellow students, I’ll keep it short. I know High school was fun. I know a lot of people will no longer see each for a long time. Today may be the end of our high school life, but it will be next step in our education, our future, and our life. So I hope that we will all have a great time at college, and I wish you all the best.”

A small round of applause was heard, and Katie waved the people away as she went back to her class.

Nailed it.

College Wars

Katie stood before Westfall College, the college that makes students dreams reality. Katie felt optimistic just to see the school’s campus. Away from her family. Away from her home town. Katie finally felt like an adult woman.

She walked to the receptionist. It was a fifty-or-so woman who looked really liverish. “Name?” Asked the woman who couldn't really care less. “Katie Irenis.” “You’re in dorm number 6, room 24. Your roommate is Ellen Valli. Have a nice year here.” Said the receptionist cynical. “Thanks.” Said Katie, as she walked to her dorm.

As Katie walked to her destination, she got suddenly approached by three guys in blue shirts. Their “leader” talked to Katie. “Hey cutie, what’s a tiny brunette doing all alone here on the campus. Need a guy to protect you?” As her said this he grabbed Katie by her arms.

“Hey! Let me go, you bastard.” Screamed Katie.

“What’s the matter? Don’t like it rough? I’ll make you like it.”

Katie pulled her knee in his crotch, letting go of Katie, only to be instantly be grabbed by the other two guys. The guy pulled himself up, still being in pain from the kick. “Dumb mistake, bitch!” As he came closer to Katie, and gave her a punch in the face. A strain of blood come from her nose. As the guy was about to strike again, a loud yell was heard: “Let the girl go, Asshat!” An pair of arms grabbed the guy by his shoulders and pulled his back down, only to get a knee in his spine. “GAAHH!” Yelled the guy, and he fell down to the ground. Katie could now she her savior. It was a brunette wearing a woodchopper shirt. She was taller than Katie. “If you two guys really care for your friend, you should bring him to the school nurse.” The guys dropped Katie and lifted their friend up. “I’ll get you for this, Kaitlynn, I swear to Christ I’ll get you!” “Sure you do, sweetie.” The girl kneeled down to Katie and said: “Nice kick in the crotch there, girl. Are you alright?” “I’m fine, thanks.” Kaitlynn helped Katie standing up. “Sorry about that. That jerk just keeps harassing girls.

Note: In this story you get affinity by choosing the right thing to say. The story won't change that much, except for the ending.

Who was that guy?

Aren't you afraid that that guy will tell on you and get you in trouble?

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