College Girl's Wish

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Strikes  ?
Mood Depressed

You are an eighteen-year-old college freshman.

There is almost nothing special about you. You're a nerdy looking girl who is not particularly good looking. You're a socially awkward virgin. Despite your nerdy exterior, you're not particularly smart. You only got into this school because it's your step-father's alma mater and he took a loan to give a massive donation to the school that allowed you to get in. He figured the loan would pay itself back once you graduated, since most graduates from this school go on to make a lot of money.

You're one week into your freshman year and you already hate it. Your classes are ridiculously hard, you have not made a single friend yet, and your confidence is lower than ever. You feel worthless. You feel dumb, ugly, awkward, and weak.

It's Sunday night and you are getting ready to sleep. You look out the window towards the night sky, deep in thought. A shooting star flies by, and you decide to make a wish. You close your eyes tightly and think to yourself "I wish someone would come to me and save me: make me smart and charming. Or make me strong and beautiful. I could put up with anything if I just had something going for me."

You get dressed for bed, wearing a cute pair of pink panties, and a extra large white t-shirt.

You go to sleep and you have an incredible dream... or maybe its not a dream? A bright light shines down on you from above and angel descends. She has glowing white skin. She is completely nude, but her skin glows so brightly that you can't fully make out her form.

"I have heard your wish and desire to help you," the angel says.

"Really? can you change my life?" you say.

"Yes, but you must make a sacrifice. You may not have sex for as long as you live."

"What if I do have sex?" you ask.

"You will revert to your original state," she informs you.

This seems like an okay deal to you, there really isn't much to lose. But a problem occurs to you: "what if I get raped or coerced?" you inquire, "it seems unfair for that to count."

The angel thinks for a moment and responds "you must make every effort to avoid those situations. But I will explain the full conditions to you. If the seed of a man enters your body, this will be counted as a strike against you. If you have accumulated five strikes, you will revert to your original state."

"That seems reasonable," you concede. "So, how exactly will you change me?"

"You have two choices: a perfect mind or a perfect body," she explains. "It's your decision"

Mind - you will have superb intelligence, charm, and social skills
Body - you will have phenomenal beauty, energy, and physical ability

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