College: A Virgin's Fantasy

From Create Your Own Story

You are a sophomore at a state university. You're a virgin that just has not had the best of luck throughout high school and college, thus far. It's been a while since you've seen a bunch of your friends from high school, even ones that go to your college now. Things are a lot different than they were in high school, though...

You went away to a highly-accredited university for a research experience this past Summer. Nobody has really seen you and you haven't been good at keeping in contact with many people, though you have a good circle of friends. Because you did not have much to do at this university during the Summer, you decided to start working out: running, hitting the gym every so often, and playing more sports. You have finally gotten into shape where you are proud of your body. So as you are coming home, you are extremely ecstatic to see all your friends and show off your improvement... and some people you may not even know

So you've arrived at your house you'll be living at during the school year and you meet up with all your good buds. You have a day before class starts. Where do you go?

Do you:

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