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New York City, New York April 2017

It's only been a few months since the attack. Footage of the bombs going off, the hordes of crazies, the gunfights; none of that is shown on the news any more. All they talk about now are the wars, the latest FBI raid, or the latest White House statement. There's no point watching the news, as there's nothing going on other than Fanaticism.

Reaching down for the remote resting on your coffee table, you are interrupted by the sound of a gunshot out on the street. That's not unusual these days, unfortunately. Maybe one made it past the security perimeter, maybe it was just regular crime, maybe who knows? You turn the TV off and stand up, ready to go to the door. You grab your phone and your key card before heading into the hallway and down to the lobby.

You remember that today is Friday, meaning you don't have to go to work for another two hours. Well, you're up, so what should you do in that time?

Go to work early. You want that promotion, after all.

Head to Central Park. It's a nice day and you can use a walk.

Wonder what it looks like beyond the perimeter? The viewing station open to the public is near by, but that has a pretty long line.

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