Clementine x Sarah

From Create Your Own Story

(You have to play or watch The Walking Dead game to understand the references.There will be changes here and there but whatever I guess.Otherwise let's begin.)

I was walking all by myself in the forest when this dog.He was friendly so I made him my companion.I saw his name tag an it said Sam.After some walking,me and Sam found this campsite and found a can of beans.I tried to share the beans between us but Sam didn't like that idea and bit me for the can of beans.I screamed and kicked Sam onto some sharp things.

I started to walk though the forest and got tired so I decided to rest by a rock.After a while a couple of walkers showed up.I struggled to get up and my vision was starting to get blurry.I tried to limp away but the walker catches up to me and pins me to the ground.I was struggling to get it off when its head got chopped off.It was really blurry so I couldn't really tell but I think two men were trying to help me.One of them picked me up and my vision turned black.

I slowly woke up after being bit and I saw this group of people chatting in front of me.I was worried so I tried to speak but immediately got shot at.Luckily it miss me but it could have shot my head off.After a bit of chatting they call a doctor .He comes out the front door and a few seconds later his daughter asked about me.I thought she looked cute and started to blush a little.He told her to get back inside.

Do I:

Disclaimer:I do not own most of the characters in this story.

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