Clementine on her own

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This will be a story that will take place after Season One and is fanfic version of Season Two of The Walking Dead game. If you feel like you want to write some things, feel free. You are Clementine surviving years after the events of The Walking Dead season 1. For purposes of this story Clem is now 18 years old still surviving with Omid and Christa.

In this story you will make choices for Clementine that determine just what you are willing to do to survive.

Contains: violence, erotic/sexual content, swearing, zombies, bad grammar

NOTE: Some pages are in 1st person and other in 3rd, sorry for that ... also my grammar is bad so if you want, please edit mistakes.

Also there is some style of writing that is not the same as others


Clementine Returns to the day she met Lee


Clem wakes up

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