Christmas Night

From Create Your Own Story

This is a story that will include lots of messed up things, mainly erotic. It's focus is incest. But there will also be underage, gay sex, shemales, rape, and maybe beastiality.

The story begins in your own house, where your family has gathered for Christmas celebrations. The gifts have been opened, the food and dessert has been eaten and everyone is now either checking out their new gifts, talking and drinking around the table, or doing whatever they urge. Outside it has gotten dark, but you can see the snow falling. You are a 18 year old boy, and have just come home from your first half year in the military. The military has been good to you, and you have achieved a lot during that short time. What you are most proud of is your new amazing body, great stamina, hard abs and strong arms. However, where you are stationed there is never parties, and you can't even masturbate because if you are caught you get a fine of up to $2000. You need some sex, and quick. You don't care at all who it will be, you just need some sexual excitement and some good releases.

You are sitting at the dinner table, across from your sister, Ellen. Next to her is your younger cousin Hannah. The three of you are grouped up on one side of the table, while on the other side your aunt and grandpa are sipping some hard liquor. Your mom is in the kitchen washing the dishes. Your dad went upstairs to take a nap, while your other cousin, Chris, went down to the basement to try a new xbox 360 game he got.

You can't sit here and wait any longer, your balls are gonna burst, it's time to take action and get laid.

Do you:

Or wait, I can't do think about fucking my family, that is wrong! Do you rather:

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