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"This is not happening..." You groan.


Your eyes are glued to the computer screen as you review the latest Naruto episode yet again. Your family and most of your friends think you are taking your hobby a little too seriously, but you don't care. You are an otaku and proud of it (why else would you bother reading this?). The episode ends and you yawn, it's a little late and if you don't head off to bed now, it would only be a matter of time before your mother gets up to yell at you to switch off the lights and go to sleep (yes, you do live with your mother because you're a high-school student). So, despite the urge to view/read more Naruto related things, you trudge off to bed.

The next day...

You smile as you hop onto the bus. Today is a good day for an Anime convention. While you love Cosplay, your costumes can never meet up with your expectations; so as opposed to dressing up as one of the Naruto characters, you mix and match various articles of clothing and accessories, dressing the way you would want to dress were you a Ninja in the world of Naruto. Besides your ninja garb, you were sporting the Sand Village forehead protector (or headband), not that you don't like Konoha, it just happens that every single quiz you've taken on What ninja village are you from? had placed you in the Sand Village, not that it bothers you. You are getting a couple of odd looks from people on the bus, but you are too excited thinking about the con to notice, let alone care.

You eventually get off the bus and with each additional step you take, your excitement grows. 'Just one more street to cross and I'm there!' You think.

You know very well how to cross a street, wait for the lights, look both ways the whole shebang, your mother had drilled it into you for years. But even she would have had her difficulties with the truck that swings in from the corner all of a sudden. There is no way to dodge it or run out of the way, it is all happening too fast. Your last coherent thoughts are 'I'm dead.' Then everything goes black.

End Flashback

By the time you come to, it feels like you have been asleep for a long time. Your head feels like it is about to be split in two. You find yourself on your back, on what feels like grass, the blades tickling the bare palms of your hands. A slight turn of the head treats you to a view of trees and more trees...and you aren't near a street...or in a hospital...which could only mean...

"Oh, F***...I died..." You groan. "This is not happening..."

After getting used to the idea of being dead, you try to figure out where the heck it is you are. Due to the lack of heat, flames and horned fiends, you make the hopeful assumption that this isn't Hell...does that mean you are in heaven? You aren't really sure what you expected heaven to be like, but...this doesn't seem to fit the bill.

Now, before you can further ponder the mysteries of the afterlife, your thoughts are instantly distracted by rustling from the bushes. You're still a little dazed from your death-experience and while the pain in your head is bearable, the persistent dull ache is far from comfortable; thus you aren't really up to much of anything, let alone seeing what you are about to see. Your jaw drops and you freeze up as your mind spins into overdrive when the person you least expect, emerges from the foliage. Blonde hair, blue eyes, whisker marks, a black and predominantly orange suit. Your stunned reaction fails to intimidate him, so he walks right up to you as you continue to wordlessly stare. After what seems an endless moment of silence, he speaks, "Who're you?", he then spots your forehead protector, "Oh, so youre from the Village hidden in the Sand! Hey, did Gaara send you over on a mission or something?" he grins.

"This cannot be for real!" you exclaim in a high-pitched voice. "Maybe I'm just dreaming...yeah that's it..." and you proceed to thump your head against a tree murmuring the words "Wake up, wake up, wake up." Over and over again.

"Um...Are you okay?" he asks.

You stop your head dashing for a moment to look at him.

"I'm not dreaming am I?" you finally sigh, your headache now worse thanks to your encounter with the tree.

"I should probably take you to see Tsunade", he mutters.

You are hardly listening though this was moment you're walking to the Con, then you (probably) got hit by a truck, then of all places, you wake up in the Naruto World living the otaku's dream.

"Oh! By the way I'm-"

"Uzumaki Naruto, yeah I know..." you respond automatically.

"Oh. I guess you heard of me then!" he chuckles. "Say, what's your name!"

" me..." Your mind races for a Japanese name, preferably a girl's to avoid awkward questions, "Kimiko." You finally blurt out,"Just Kimiko." You respond. It isn't anywhere near your real name. It is your username but you figure it would fit into the Naruto world better than the other.

"Kimiko...that's pretty." Naruto grins.

"Thank you." You respond, your mind still not quite done processing your surreal situation.

"Let's get going then!" and so you walk alongside Naruto while he talks about himself and asks you additional questions.

"How old are you?"


"Do you like Ramen?"

"I like it okay."

"Really? I'll take you to Ichiraku Ramen when you've finished your business with Tsunade."

"Yeah...sounds good..." You realize then, that Naruto is still under the impression that you are a ninja from the Sand village.

"Well, we're at the gates of Konoha, now!" Naruto proclaims.

You stop. Your gaze wanders from the insignificant pebble by your foot, to the gates of a place you had only believed to be the figment of Masashi Kishimoto's imagination...but it isn't your is are here. You are in the world of NARUTO!!! The thought finally hits and overwhelms you. You feel dizzy, your head feels light and all sound fades away to a dull buzzing in your ears, as your vision darkens, you see Naruto's concerned face and then...nothing.

To be continued...

A/N: I originally wrote and posted this on Quizilla in 2008 under the username chiogaru, I do not make any claims to owning the Narutoverse and its characters...etc. I've made a few minor changes (i.e. changed tenses, a few corrections, the main character's name from Hana to Kimiko)I have taken several creative liberties with this CYOA mostly because Naruto is an ongoing series and I wasn't willing to keep going back to change the story as the manga/anime progressed. Also this is more of adventure than adventure adventure aimed at girls. What follows below is the original A/N from quizilla.

I got the idea from reading a bunch of rps and the like, that and I was in a writing mood and I felt guilty over the fact that I had not yet posted anything of my own. The story takes place AFTER the time-skip (so characters who died before then, will not be available) and for my own reasons I have shifted the characters ages ahead by one year, so the characters like Naruto, Shino, Chouji...etc. are 16 instead of 15, and I will stick to the original storyline as best I can. However, I will be taking my liberties with the storyline when I think appropriate, because well this is my fanfiction-thing.

These are the characters available:

Gaara, Shino, Shikamaru, Chouji, Lee, Neji, Sai, Kakashi, Asuma, Gai, Yamamoto, Itachi, Kisame, Deidara, Sasori, Tobi, Hidan, Kakuzu, Zetsu, Pein, Baki, Naruto, Iruka, Kiba, Kankuro...but no one like Zabuza or Haku, they both died before the skip. Also, I will choose to disregard certain character pairings...i.e. if Asuma is elected, there will be no Asuma/Kurenai...but if he isn't, there will be. There will be none of that "That character belongs to meeee bull****" either. Seriously, the only person whose got a right to make that claim is Kishimoto.

A/N (updated) I do not encourage underage drinking and wanted to explain as it is mentioned in several of the endings. At the time of writing, I lived in South Australia where the legal drinking age is 18 and since Kimiko does not start drinking until she is 18 or older, I don't really consider her "breaking the law", however, from my understanding the legal drinking age in Japan is 21, which let's face it, the Naruto world has many similarities with, hence they consider her to be underage.

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